Flagstaff Green – Our View of Melbourne in 2019

This will be our view of Melbourne in 2019 when our new 2 bedroom apartment completes as part of Flagstaff Green development.

20170407I7 07 Show Room - Flagstaff Apartment

Walking distance to Queen Victoria Markets through the beautiful Flagstaff Park and part of Melbourne CBD will mean life defiantly be sweet.

We were debating between 2 and 3 bedrooms when we found this development which had a 2 bedroom option that had a 2.4m by 2.7m space off the main living area. This gave us the space we wanted without the huge premium jump of a third bedroom.

20170407I7 09 Show Room - Flagstaff Apartment

By 2019 Em will have finished school and so we realised we did not need three bedrooms…the ironic thing however is given my eagerness to continue to work in Asia it will most likely be Moo and Em that move into the apartment and not Kerrie and myself.

The development is 20 floors and we have secured a place on the 17th.  Only the top five floors have access to the roof top gardens and are finished in the luxury pack and features…as per these show room snapshots.

20170407I7 01 Show Room - Flagstaff Apartment20170407I7 02 Show Room - Flagstaff Apartment20170407I7 05 Show Room - Flagstaff Apartment

20170407I7 03 Show Room - Flagstaff Apartment

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Moo’s Thank You Note to her Nana

Mum had a big impact on all her grandkids and gave them all an exceptional amount of her time and energy together with her unconditional love.  At some stage they have all written notes at school mentioning this.

Here is a note to Nana that Moo (aged 8) wrote at school.

2005 14 Molly Portfolio - Year 2 - YPS

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Moo’s Big Weekend back in 2005

Moo still recalls the weekend when she outran me through a maze in Canberra.  She brings it up from time to time just to keep me on my toes. One of those huge moments in a child’s life when they start to out compete their parents.

2005 06 Molly Portfolio - Year 2 - YPS

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Moo Settling into 2nd Year Uni

Moo is all settled into and enjoying 2nd Year at Melbourne Uni.  She has mid-terms coming up next week and is feel confident. Subjects are much harder she says but at the same time much more interesting.

She is also back into the swing of college life and has a great room in a corridor with many of her friends at Trinity. She is at the end of a very long corridor and as such has one of the larger rooms with a corner desk and great view of The Bulpadock.

20170304I7 01 Molly 2nd Year Room - Trinity20170304I7 02 Molly 2nd Year Room - Trinity

As well as study she is back in the parties and the many great events that Trinity has.  Not all partying however as she did coach the Trinity Softball Team and now I think she is coaching Hockey. She cannot play this year due to her ACL Surgery.

20190309I7 Moo Kitten Sitting - Trinity20170323FB 03 Molly - Trinity

20170320FB 02 Molly - Trinity20170320FB 05 Molly - Trinity

20170315FB 02 Molly - Trinity

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AFWL Opening Game

The Adelaide Crows taking out the inaugural AFWL Grand Final today reminded me that I had not blogged about being able to attend the season opener and very first AFWL game with Carlton defeating Collingwood 7.4.46 to 1.5.11

20170203I7 17 AFWL First Game Carlton v Collingwood

Not only was it great to be watching this with Em (Moo was in India) to see her inspired by women’s sport but it was just fantastic to see a fully packed Princess Park (over 24,000 in attendance) and the gates having to be shut with people not being able to get in.

20170203I7 03 AFWL First Game Carlton v Collingwood20170203I7 24 AFWL First Game Carlton v Collingwood

People were standing in the isles and on the stairs it was so packed and they were not disappointed because it was like watching a classic game of old.  It was tough footy with strong tackles and the girls really getting into the action.

20170203I7 14 AFWL First Game Carlton v Collingwood20170203I7 15 AFWL First Game Carlton v Collingwood

20170203I7 28 AFWL First Game Carlton v Collingwood20170203I7 13 AFWL First Game Carlton v Collingwood

It was great to be a part of history and to see the Carlton girls win the first ever AFWL game.  Was extra special to see this at a fully packed Princess Park.

20170203I7 08 AFWL First Game Carlton v Collingwood20170203I7 11 AFWL First Game Carlton v Collingwood

It was a short first season with each team playing each other only once and then the top two into the Grand Final.  Carlton did OK coming 4th out of 8 teams but in the end it was just great to see AFWL start and proud that Carlton fielded a team.

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Head of School Girls 2017 – Open Div 3 Champions

Last weekend was the Rowing Victoria Head of Schools Girls (HOSG) Championship.  It was a huge 3 day weekend where both the junior and senior rowers came together for for the final rowing competition amongst the Victorian Schools.

MLC won the overall championship including MLC Red’s (with Emily) making their contribution as Open Division 3 Winners.

20170319S 16 Head of School Girls - MLC Red Take Gold

I managed to video the last 400 meters of the MLC Red final. They got the boat length lead early on and managed to hold it for the entire race, even picking up the pace to hold off the opposition surge in the final few hundred meters.


So proud of Em as her first year rowing and she has really embraced it with some great shots of her in action…she is seat 6 or 3rd from the cox (right).




Em exhausted after the final…




20170319S 18 Head of School Girls - MLC Red Take Gold

Now my challenge is to get her running and keep up the fitness for next year!!!

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Em’s 16th Birthday

Sorting out some photos and I realised I have completely missed the blog entry for Em’s 16th Birthday which was last September.


As Kerrie was on a course and flat out, Em basically organised and prepared for her own party which was a casual affair at home with her MLC friends.  My contribution was to lay low as a hidden chaperone while they ate and played games.

20160927C 09 Em 16th Party

Em’s Watermelon Cake was pretty cool and all credit goes to her on this.

20160927S 03 Em 16th Party

20160927C 04 Em 16th Party20160927C 01 Em 16th Party

20160927C 08 Em 16th Party20160927C 12 Em 16th Party

Kerrie still made a cake for Em, as she does each year, and this we had on her actual birthday two days later.

20160927 01 Emily 16th Birthday

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