ASEAN@50 Commemorative Dinner

I had the pleasure last Friday night as a guest of ZICO Holdings to attend the ASEAN@50 Commemorative Dinner at the Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.  This dinner was part of a number of events to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the ASEAN community and its member nations.

The night was a chance for me to also wear Malaysia’s National Dress being the baju melayu with songket samping (the cloth wrap that is worn around the waste and legs).  This is worn mainly during Hari Raja but also classifies as formal dress for black tie events. 

20170804I7 02 ASEAN 50th Dinner - Majestic Hotel20170804I7 04 ASEAN 50th Dinner - Majestic Hotel

What was funny was that most of the locals were in Tuxedo while I, as a foreigner, was in the baju melayu.  It always goes down well to wear the baju melayu as a foreigner and it is not considered disrespectful, in fact the opposite. The locals tend to wear a Tuxedo because they do not get the chance to often wear one.

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YOLO 10km – Kuala Lumpur

An early rise today for the 7:15am start of the YOLO Run in Kuala Lumpur. This is the first time the run has been held in Kuala Lumpur and it raises money for Make A Wish @ Malaysia.

I ran the 10km at a steady 5:30 min/km pace and so finished in 55:31.  A fairly flat course and now I have this as a baseline I can start to focus on running faster.

20170806I7 05 YOLO 10km - KL20170806I7 04 YOLO 10km - KL


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21km in 2hr 23min – Men’s Health Night Run 2017

Last weekend I did my first 21km race in long while with the Men’s Health Night Run in Kuala Lumpur.  My time was not fast but was consistent with an average of just under 7 min kilometres and I managed to maintain a jog for the whole 21km with only mild calf cramping setting in towards the end – running in humidity is always taxing!!!

20170722I7 09 21km Mens Health Night Run - Kuala Lumpur20170722I7 03 21km Mens Health Night Run - Kuala Lumpur


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Wallace & Gromit and Friends Exhibition – ACMI, Melbourne

The current Wallace & Gromit and Friends: The Magic of Aardman exhibition at the Australian Centre for Moving Image (ACMI) is a fun few hours as you escape into this bizarre world of animation. 

Kerrie and I total enjoyed ourselves yesterday seeing how some of these characters that we new so well came to life and also making our own little clay animation – a take on the Day of the Triffids as my cure little man was eaten by Kerrie’s evil plant!!!


The clay characters were larger than what we expected and we guess they needed to be larger to be able to mould the various expressions and movements. It was fascinating to see how such simple characters could represent such expressions.

20170729I7 07 Shaun the Sheep - Wallace and Gromit Exhibtion - ACMI20170729I7 05 Creature Comforts - Wallace and Gromit Exhibtion - ACMI

20170729I7 12 Morph - Wallace and Gromit Exhibtion - ACMI20170729I7 14 Wallace and Gromit Exhibtion - ACMI20170729I7 19 Chicken Run - Wallace and Gromit Exhibtion - ACMI

The sets were elaborate and the detail within them showed the amount of time that goes into make such animated films.  It was also fascinating to see the scene sketches and notes made on these that highlight the thinking process and the attention to detail applied.

20170729I7 17 Wallace and Gromit Exhibtion - ACMI20170729I7 18 Wallace and Gromit Exhibtion - ACMI

20170729I7 01 The Captains Cabin - Wallace and Gromit Exhibtion - ACMI20170729I7 03 Stereoscopic House - Wallace and Gromit Exhibtion - ACMI

It is worth the visit and a fun few hours especially as these characters are so familiar to us all.

20170729I7 28 Kerrie - Wallace and Gromit Exhibtion - ACMI20170729I7 10 Wallace and Gromit Exhibtion - ACMI

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Hockey–Em’s Term Two GSV Sport

Last term Em played Hockey for MLC as part of the Girls Sport Victoria (GSV) Association.  She mainly played forward and wing.  They had a successful campaign and won the grand final!!!

20170605S 01 Em MLC Hockey Final

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Uni Jobs – Moo’s Meaty Deli

The Uni experience is not complete without being able to clock up some hours with various jobs that you can then reflect upon in your later years – stories to tell the kids. 

With this Moo has now shifted from being a Barista to a “Purveyor of Fine Meats” – for all those Kath and Kim fans – that is, working at a Deli in the David Jones Food Hall in Melbourne City.

2017012I7 01 Moo at Work - DJ Deli2017012I7 02 Moo at Work - DJ Deli

As with all things Moo tackles this with her usual smile, good spirits and enthusiasm and with the under tone that a career in retail is not long term for her Smile

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Celebrating Kerrie’s Birthday with Fondu

The laugh for the week was watching Kerrie ask Siri, via her new Apple Watch  where her Watch was!!!   She was of course looking for her phone but seeing her yell into her watch and ask for it, not the phone – I had to laugh. 

The Apple Watch was her birthday present from us all as she celebrates her birthday with a nice night out of Fondu at the Shifty Chèvre.


It was great that Brent and Christie could join us (many thanks to Layla for babysitting) and that Moo could scarify her busy Uni Social schedule to also join…Moo has been particularly hard to get hold of recently with both Uni workload and social workload.

20170429I7 01 Kerrie 53rd Birthday - Fondu at Shifty Chèvre20170429I7 02 Kerrie 53rd Birthday - Fondu at Shifty Chèvre20170429I7 04 Kerrie 53rd Birthday - Fondu at Shifty Chèvre

Happy Birthday was sung with dessert restricted to a solitary doughnut from Doughnut Time given the large portion of cheese we had all just had.

The day was also extra special as Em and I had just watch Carlton defeat the Sydney Swans in an awesome match at the MCG earlier that day. Hence the scarf #boundbyblue was a must wear accessory for that evening.

20170429I7 03 Kerrie 53rd Birthday - Fondu at Shifty Chèvre

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