UK – 2005 UK-France Adventure

June and July 0f 2005 we did our first brig trip to UK and France with the girls. As would be the case for our Europe trips we started at Kerrie’s mum and dad’s in Ormskirk, England just outside of Liverpool.


045 Liverpool047 Mersey River - Liverpool049 Liverpool

Kerrie’s sister lives in Yorkshire and while on a side trip to visit her we stopped at Malham Cove – a natural limestone formation 1 km north of the village of Malham, North Yorkshire, England.

056 Malham Cove - North England057 Malham Cove - North England

After a few days with Kerrie parents we started our tour of UK first. An early stop was the Wedgewood Factory. At the end of the factory tour the girls got to decorate Wedgewood Plates. The factory is in the Staffordshire countryside and an interesting stop.

072 Wedgewood Factory073 Wedgewood Factory

A few more days at the Cotswolds was a great way to enjoy the English summer – especially as this was a camping holiday and so we would setup the tent and then look around.

Bourton on the Water

081 Bourton on the Water - Cotswolds083 Bourton on the Water - Cotswolds

Stow on the Wold – Cotswolds

084 Stow on the Wold - Cotswolds085 Stow on the Wold - Cotswolds


From Cotswolds we went on to spend a few days in London visiting friends. We took the kids to the London Natural History Museum, Hamleys and the London Eye – all great for kids.

Lady Dianna Fountain in Hyde Park

091 Lady Dianna Fountain - Hyde Park093 Lady Dianna Fountain - Hyde Park

096 Peter Pan Statue  - Hyde Park


Lady Dianna Play Ground in Hyde Park

099 Lady Dianna Play Ground - Hyde Park097 Lady Dianna Play Ground - Hyde Park


Hamleys Toys

102 Hamleys Toys - London103 Hamleys Toys - London


London Eye

114 London Eye117 London Eye


Hampton Court

121 Hampton Court124 Hampton Court120 Hampton Court


Kay and Vic – Croydon

138 Kay and Vics - Croydon139 Kay and Vics - Croydon

After London we continued heading south east on our way to catch the ferry across to France.

Canterbury Cathedral

142 Cathedral - Cantebury

Fish and chips for dinner at Whistable were the best.


145 Whitstable - England149 Whitstable - England150 Whitstable - England


White Cliffs Dover

156 White Cliffs - Dover155 White Cliffs - Dover

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