Angers – 2005 UK-France Adventure

From Brittany we went onto Loire Valley and the town of Angers.

Just up from Angers, along the Loire River, you find heaps of Troglodyte caves. They are used for mushroom farms, houses, hotels etc.  We went to a Mushroom Farm and I had simply one of the best meals ever – mushrooms with toppings to die for and cooked in hot flame oven.  Another great cave had lots of pottery in it that was allowed to have the water in the cave trickle onto it and leave limestone deposits over the pottery – cooler than it sounds!!!

One of the Best Dishes Ever – Mushrooms Cooked in Hot Fire

086 Mushroom Cave - Angers052 Mushroom Caves - Angers

055 Mushroom Caves - Angers

082 Mushroom Cave - Angers083 Mushroom Cave - Angers

102 Angers104 Angers


Being summer sunflowers were every where…

058 Countryside - Angers106 Angers

080 Angers


Château de Brézé is a small, dry-moated castle located in Breze in the Loire Valley. It is worth the visit as there are over 1km of underground passages that make up the dry moat and fortifications. Kids loved it and the winery there is not too bad either.

Chateau De Breze

060 Chateau De Breze - Angers061 Chateau De Breze - Angers

063 Chateau De Breze - Angers066 Chateau De Breze - Angers

We camped at Lac de Maine on the river…was a great spot…

Lac de Maine

074 Lac de Maine - Angers076 Lac de Maine - Angers


079 Campsite - Angers073 Campsite - Angers


One of the best zoos we have been to was in the Loire Valley…a real surprise and a real find.  It is in an old quarry and so very picturesque…was a great day to walk around and an eclectic range of animals.

087 Zoo - Angers088 Zoo - Angers092 Zoo - Angers


Dinner one night in Lac de Maine was our first time trying snails…garlic and butter so had to be good.

First Time with Snails

110 Angers111 Angers

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