Paris – 2005 UK-France Adventure

In Paris we stayed in an apartment not far from Notre Damme. It was great as away from hotel areas and made us feel a bit local.  Driving in Paris was an experience and parking the car was a challenge – some cars had tyres that would hang from the boot and front bumper to prevent people backing into them while parking.

The Musee du Louvre lived up to expectations and even the girls, at their young age, enjoyed it. It helped leaving the Mona Lisa until last as we used it to keep the girls engaged as we wound our way through the Louvre.

002 Musee du Louvre003 Musee du Louvre009 Musee du Louvre

010 Musee du Louvre011 Musee du Louvre012 Musee du Louvre

006 Musee du Louvre008 Musee du Louvre020 Paris


Of course the Eifel Tower was a must do. When we stopped for a coffee on the lower deck a group of Chinese Tourists came past – they were fascinated by the girls taking lots of photos of them and one even did a sketch of Emily and gave it to her – she now has it framed.

013 Eifle Tower - Paris014 Eifle Tower - Paris021 Eifle Tower - Paris

022 Eifle Tower - Paris024 Eifle Tower - Paris028 Eifle Tower - Paris

030 Eifle Tower - Paris


A stop a Galeries Lafayette – high end department store chain – gave the girls a chance to “Build A Bear”.  “Build a Bear” is now much more widely spread as we have seen stores in most countries but in 2005 and given the age of the girls it was a lot of fun for them. They had to make three wishes and kiss the bears heart before putting it inside.

033 Galeries Lafayette - Paris034 Galeries Lafayette - Paris036 Galeries Lafayette - Paris

035 Galeries Lafayette - Paris038 Galeries Lafayette - Paris039 Galeries Lafayette - Paris


Arc de Triumph was another picturesque stop…

048 Arc de Triumph - Paris050 Arc de Triumph - Paris

052 Arc de Triumph - Paris054 Arc de Triumph - Paris

…as was lunch on the Avenue de la Grande Amee.

056 Avenue de la Grande Amee - Paris

Notre Dame Cathedral…highlight was the roller bladers doing tricks on the pavement

060 Notre Dame Cathedral - Paris061 Notre Dame Cathedral - Paris

We were staying just up from the Pompidou Centre.

062 Pompidou Center - Paris067 Pompidou Center - Paris

Some final photos of around Paris.

018 Paris019 Paris

040 Paris059 Sien River - Paris

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