We had a great location with our hotel (Hollywood Orchid Suites) at Hollywood as it was directly behind the Manns Chinese Theatre and the launch of the Harry Potter movie was on the afternoon we arrived. The street was fenced off and there were huge crowds lining up to see the Harry Potter stars. We avoided the crowds and went to the baseball but the next day we took a photo of the girls next to where the Harry Potter stars had left their foot, hand and wand prints (in cement). OK not as good as seeing them in person but Kerrie was excited that we were in sniffing distance of them!

Harry Potter at Manns Chinese Theater

Hollywood itself was nothing special – really just to say we have been there. We walked down the sidewalk with the stars and the girls had their photos taken with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck sidewalk star – hang over from Disneyland. We drove around Beverley Hills and Bel Air where the houses were amazing – those you could see over the very high fences.

Mickey Mouse Hollywood Star - LADonald Duck Hollywood Star - LA

Our hotel suite had a kitchen so we were able to cook our own food and have a decent (normal sized) meal. Although food at Disneyland was OK, the girls appreciated having something nice and simple to eat. Emily got her pesto pasta and was very happy!

We arrived in Hollywood on the Sunday 9th and went to the baseball that afternoon. Monday was at Universal Studios and Tuesday we left to San Diego but only after spending the morning at the J Paul Getty Museum. We did the collections tour which took in Van Gough’s Irisis and Monet’s Haystacks and some other painting that they paid US$71m for – the US$71m was memorable the painting was not!

J Paul Getty Museum - LA

J Paul Getty Museum - LAJ Paul Getty Museum - LA

J Paul Getty Museum - LA

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