San Diego Zoo

Thursday the 12th we used the last ticket of our California Adventure Package and went to San Diego Zoo. The zoo went to great lengths to continually tell you that it is ‘world famous’. Which I guess it is – but it did surprise us how small the animal enclosures were!

Entrance to San Diego Zoo - San DiegoMonkeys - San Diego Zoo - San Diego

It is of course famous for its breeding programs and you could see that they have had a lot of success. It also let us see some animals that we had not seen before or that often including the Panda Bears, some breeds of monkeys and the flamingos – who had just had chicks.

Panda - San Diego Zoo - San DiegoPanda - San Diego Zoo - San Diego

The zoo runs a Double Decker bus tour which goes past most exhibits. By getting there first thing in the morning and taking the bus tour we got to see most animals (as they were still out) without the need to walk. This meant that we were able to finish at the zoo by lunch time.

As we walked past the Australian section, my comments that Kangaroos look better hanging off my bull bar and that Kolas go well on the BBQ did not go down too well with the locals!

We spent the afternoon walking and cycling around Balbo Park which is the main park in San Diego then we finished off the day at the Westfield Shopping Centre in the CBD. Kerrie had been hanging out to shop and wow did she shop! The girls had fun picking lots of clothes and taking them to mum in the change room. Kerrie now has several new pants and dresses.

Cycling around Balboa Park - San DiegoCycling around Balboa Park - San Diego

BTW…We walked past the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier which is now permanently docked as a museum in San Diego. Unfortunately it was closed by the time I realised it was there and we could not go on board but it was impressive nonetheless just to walk around it.

USS Midway - San DiegoUSS Midway - San Diego

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