San Diego in General

We all loved San Diego – a much more liveable place than LA. For a large city it has a real beach culture and a relaxed nature about it – similar in some ways to Brisbane but it has the advantage of no Queenslanders!

If you ever do the drive from LA to San Diego then it is worth getting off the interstate for some of it and take in the coast highway – don’t do the coast highway the whole way as it will take forever. The road goes right down to the beach in parts and is very picturesque.

On our first night there we went to the Gas Lamp district in downtown San Diego. This is packed with restaurants from which we picked a very trendy Mexican restaurant called “Freds”. The kids meals were great at Freds and gave us another rare chance to get some healthy tucker into Molly and Emily.

Freds Mexican cafe - Gaslamp Quarter - San DiegoFreds Mexican Cafe - Gaslamp Quarter - San Diego

While in San Diego we also went to La Jolla which is a beach and village just north of San Diego. La Jolla has a great coast line and sea lions to see. It was also at La Jolla that we noticed the warning signs about swimming in the ocean with respect to the bacteria levels of the water being too high – upon questioning locals cities appear to be still dumping their sewage into the ocean. We experience a similar disappointment at Sequoia National Park where there was a warning on the air quality due to pollution from LA and San Joaquin Valley – yet we were in a beautiful national park several 100 miles from LA!!!

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