Santa Monica (LA)–The Final Installment

Well we finished off our last few days in Santa Monica back in LA. Thursday morning was spent roller balding from Santa Monica beach to Venice beach and back – Kerrie wouldn’t let me go topless (which of course is the done thing in LA) so there was no threat to the guys on Muscle Beach!!! The Thursday afternoon was spent down at the beach and surf where the girls had a great time.

Rollerblading - Santa MonicaRollerblading - Santa Monica

Friday we did more beach, had lunch in Beverley Hills and Rodeo Drive and dinner down at Long Beach in the bar of the Queen Mary – an old cruise liner permanently docked at Long Beach.

Rodeo Drive - LA

The girls are all safely home now and I am in Chicago for another week.

The holiday was obviously great but not the contrast to Australia that we are used to when we holiday in England and Europe. California at times was very similar to holidaying around Australia just with a lot more people and a countryside that is more extreme – bigger national parks, higher more rugged mountains, more dramatic coastline. All of this is of course because it lays across the San Andreas fault.

We did a lot of things that you had to do once just to say you have done them – visit Yosemite, ride a Cable Car, shop in Rodeo drive, San Diego Zoo and Sea World, stroll down Hollywood Boulevard etc. but none of these were things that once you experience them you would not have missed them in hindsight. This is comparing to some of our experiences in England and Europe where I have truly been awed.

For this reason the unique US experiences were the one’s I enjoyed the most. Disneyland was the highlight for me – the Disney experience is unique to the US and a truly wonderful family experience. Obviously having Molly’s birthday there enhanced this. Also the baseball, Napa Wineries and chilling out in San Francisco are defiantly repeat experiences.

Barneys Beanery - Santa MonicaSan Simeon Coast

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