Easter – 22nd to 26th March 2008

Kids were spoilt once again when it came to Easter eggs. Having relatives that you only see every few years means that they do well – both which chocolate and money – when they do get to see them. Having said that the girls are always well behaved and do enjoy seeing their relatives. They especially like their great uncles and aunties but their sense of humour still throws Emily a bit.

Emily has lashed out with her Easter money and bought herself a digital camera – quite a nice one in fact. This means that we will get some very eclectic photos of this holiday especially as she has already sprung some photos of Molly and Kerrie naked. I have promised a pound for every time she gets a shot of Molly’s naked butt being the cute thing it is – but told her to stay away from mum’s!!! As usual Molly cannot make up her mind on what to spend her money on and I dare say she will return with it all to Australia.


Since being in England we have spent a day at Chester – a Roman Town about an hour away from Ormskirk (Kerrie’s home).  Chester was mainly shopping but it is an experience shopping in along cobblestone paths and Tudor style buildings. The buildings are multi-level with little verandas along the front (at each level) that you walk along. Chester is surrounded by an old Roman Wall that you can walk along. The Cathedral (which is impressive) also has a good self guided audio tour with a kids commentary version that they enjoyed.

Girls in Chester100_0065

Another day we spent with Laura, Martin and Hannah and their dogs in the pub for lunch and then along the beach at Formby. Wind was such that the sand was blown straight into your eyes so the walk to the beach was a 50 m hobble backwards but once on the beach the sand was more packed and hence was a bit more bearable – however the wind wasn’t. It was good to walk along a beach of sand – many of our English beach experiences have seen the girls trying to make a sand castle out of stone and rock!!!.

A Spring Day - Evidence of How Cold England is100_0007


Pub meals have been great – one of the treats of England – and the weather has heightened the enjoyment of retreating to a good pub with a pint and hearty meal. Nicking up to the ‘Buck’ with Kerrie and Bill for a pint and to watch the Liverpool and Manchester United match was fun and an experience – English was the second language spoken in the pub next to the cockney which dammed if I can understand.

England is covered with a great set of Motorways. However make sure you have BBC2 on while driving as accidents can be nasty and if there is one in front you may need to turn off the motorway early to avoid massive queues. We encountered two big accidents but both were just before us and so we managed to turn off at the junction before and then get back on downstream before the queues got too bad. We are talking several miles of queues so you do need to keep an eye on them.  The road houses are frequent and good for a coffee and snack. They are some of the best – far better than Australia and even California.  ‘Little Chef’ is my choice for breakfast.


Good coffee has been a challenge – but always knew it would until I hit Europe. Coffee is OK but I struggle paying two pounds fifty for something that is only OK. I have got into the nasty habit of going to Morrisons (one of the big supermarket chains) and having a coffee in their little cafeteria for only one pound fifteen – nasty but cheap. Just means that the coffee in Europe will be even better.

We are packing today to head off to Holland and the start of our Europe leg – everyone is excited.

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