Delft – 17th to 19th April 2008

Delft in Netherlands was our last stop in the Continent before heading back to the UK. Delft is beautiful with loads of restaurants, Delft Ware shops and antiques all along little canals. As we walked around Delft I discovered that friends of ours (Jane and Robyn) used to live in Delft however they must have moved around a lot as there were at least half a dozen streets where Kerrie commented – “I think Jane and Robyn used to live here!!!”

Delft became poffertjes and beer as early on we discovered a café that opened up onto the town square that server both – so while Kerrie strolled around the girls and I made several visits to the café!!!

The only full day we had in Delft we ended up driving an hour to Alkmaar to visit the traditional Dutch Cheesemarket (see picture). It is only on Friday mornings and only starts in April so we couldn’t got here at the start of the holiday. The kids enjoyed it and we paid a Euro at the end to have them weighed on the old scales – unfortunately they gave them back to us after the weighing, we were hoping they’d be taken away with the cheeses!!!

Cheese Market 2Cheese Market

Apart from taking photos of Tulips fields on the way back we didn’t do much except poffertjes and beer – oh and the occasionally serving of chips and mayonnaise.


Accommodation in Delft was at the Hotel de Emauspoort where I booked two Gypsy Caravans that they had done up in their courtyard. At Euro$97 each they were not too expensive and it was a novelty for the kids. Each had a double bed hence the two.

Delft Accomodation

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