Onto Dunedin – New Zealand

We met mum and dad in Christchurch and stayed overnight in a hotel on the outskirts.  Then early on Saturday 27th December we headed off on a long drive to Dunedin

Mum and dad picked up their own hire car which meant dad’s first time driving overseas. Driving in New Zealand he quickly found out was like driving in Australia a few decades ago. The highway was often just two lanes, one each way, but the real shock was the single lane, one way, bridges.  We could not believe that New Zealand would still have one way bridges on its main south island highway.

The Big Salmon – Rakaia


We had two nights in Dunedin and took in many sights and tours including the Dunedin Railway Station, the Cadbury Chocolate Factory plus Baldwin Street, which claims to be the steepest residential street in the world.  Looking at it we thought that San Francisco’s street is steeper but in Dunedin you can drive straight down.

Cadbury Chocolate Factory


Supposed Steepest Street – Photo does not do it justice


We also drove out to Taiaroa Head on the Otago Peninsula. Taiaroa Head is the stunning landscape feature proudly denoting the end of the Otago Peninsula.

There are many things to do on the Peninsula. We went to the Penguin Place which is a private conservation reserve, dedicated to helping the endangered Yellow Eyed Penguin survive. They have hidden walk ways that let you get very close to the penguins without disturbing them.

Another highlight of the Peninsula is The Royal Albatross Centre at Taiaroa Head. This is the only mainland breeding ground of albatross in the world and gives you a chance to see Albatross nesting and resting.





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