Puzzling World – Wanaka

On the drive from Te Anau to Fox Glacier on Wednesday 31st Dec 2008 we passed through both Queenstown and Wanaka

We left early in the morning and the initial part of the drive was through beautiful scenery but in very heavy rain. We were seeing waterfalls come to life as the rain poured.

Late morning we got to Queenstown. We were not staying here as time did not permit and Queenstown needs several days if not a week.  We had a look around plus had some lunch.

Wanaka has Puzzling World which is a must stop attraction and great for adults and kids alike.  This really is an outstanding place with large outdoor make, many illusion rooms and eccentric architecture.


For the maze partners were Em + Dad, Molly + Mum and the Me and Kerrie. Cannot remember who got around first but we all do remember that dad got stuck trying to call under one of the wall panels after being encouraged by Emily to cheat!!!

100_1476_1212 100_1481_1217

The illusion rooms were outstanding…

Looks flat but rook and floor sloped


The faces followed you wherever you went

100_1484_1220 100_1474_1210

This room was built at 45 degrees



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