The Flinders Rangers – 2009 Outback Trip

Monday the 28th Dec 2009 we had another 7 hour drive ahead as we left Mildura for the Flinders Ranges in South Australia.  Last time we did this trip we went via Broken Hill, which is worth at least a few days, but as the kids have been there before we he headed due west, through Renmark and then up to Hawker.

We stayed at the Wilpena Pound campground the first night and then onto Arkaroola Village for the second.

The Wilpena Pound campground has great facilities and you can go up to the resort for a dip in the pool a cold beer and good food. We got up early Tuesday morning and did the hour walk into the pound itself.  As we were there in the heat of summer it wasn’t busy and so we had a beautiful and peaceful walk. 

Walk into Wilpena Pound



The drive onto Arkaroola Village was a good day as there was much to do along the way.



The Great Wall of China – an unusual rock formation



Emily Tries out our Outback Toilet



Arkaroola Village was not as comfortable as Wilpena Pound.  Campsites were at the top of the ridge and very exposed to the sun – we were glad we were only staying for one night.  Unfortunately the ridge tour wasn’t happening, given it was the middle of summer and not many tourists. The ridge tour is a must at Arkaroola.

Arkaroola Camp Ground



Rock Carvings at Entrance to Arkaroola



Northern Part of The Flinders Rangers



We know two days is not enough at The Flinders Rangers but then summer is not the best time to see it either. We couldn’t spend much time as we still had a long way to get to Alice and wanted to give the kids more time up north.

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