Alice Springs – 2009 Outback Trip

Saturday 2nd January 2010 we left Kings Canyon for Alice Springs.  We took the dirt track by first heading North and then East rather than the more comfortable bitumen route.  This gave me the chance for some off roading in the desert and to follow the McDonald Ranges and stop along the way at some key places like Palm Valley. Palm Valley and the surrounding area is the only place in Central Australia where Livistona mariae palms (also known as Red Cabbage Palms) survive.

Wild Camels just north of Kings Canyon



Palm Valley – Finke Gorge



We don’t know why but for some reason we didn’t end up with a lot of photos of Alice Springs. I guess Kerrie was tired of carrying the camera around.

There is a lot to do in Alice that is both educational and fun.  Places we visited included the Alice Springs Desert Park, the Royal Flying Doctors Services (RFDS) Visitor Centre and The School of The Air.


Alice Springs Desert Park




Royal Flying Doctors Services (RFDS) Visitor Centre



Dinner at the Overlanders Steakhouse is a must – girls had a go a Wobble Boards and we tried a mix plate of Camel, Emu, Crocodile and Kangaroo.

Overlanders Steakhouse


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