Booz & Company – Principal Challenge

The week 15th to 19th March 2010 I attended the Principal Challenge Course for Booz & Company.  This is meant to be a leadership course but in reality is just an excuse to have a great time and network with colleagues.

One of the highlights was the Fondue and Pub Crawl on the last night in Lori – the little village we stayed at on Lake Lucerne.  Fondue was at one end of the town and after some persuading of our host we open the good bottles of Kirsch. After which we made our way bar by bar to the other end of the village where we were staying. Each stop was a round of drinks from various nationalities that we represented – the Germans with their Red Bull and

Jägermeister got us our second wind around 1am.

The other big highlight was the day out caving and snow hiking.  The snow when hiking was amazing – it is so dry that you can roll in it and it just brushes off.  Also seeing the mini avalanches was a real treat.

The cave was Holloch Cave which is a 198.19 kilometres long cave situated between the river Muota and the area of the Pragelpass in the Valley of Muotha in Switzerland. It is also notable for having a depth of 938.6 metres and being the second longest cave in Europe. Here we broke into groups and had to do various leadership exercises and challenges.




End of the week I drove to Frankfurt before flying back out to Australia.




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