Overnight with Rick and Kathy Finley

Been off line for last few days (Thur / Fri) while touring the Smokey Mountain National Park.  After a long drive Friday afternoon from Asheville we arrived at 6pm in Cary (Raleigh North Carolina) to the hospitality of Rick, Kathy, Matt and Ben Finley plus the very new addition Sarah Finley (all of 3 days old).

It was good to spend a night inside back in a real bed after the week in the RV. Rick introduced us to his local cuisine of hot wings – I managed to get Molly to try the “crazy” hot and the next day she argues her mouth is still burning.

Saturday morning (9th Oct) I got to go an watch Matt in his U9 Little League Baseball – the kids playing had fun as did the dad’s as they power through the statistics 🙂

The rest of the family left with Kathy and Sarah to go shopping – mum and dad’s first visit to one of the large outdoor / indoor malls which was an experience. We joined them for lunch and I finally tried a Five Guys hamburger – great stuff!!!

When Rick and Kathy were in Canberra 5 years ago they were having their house built back in the USA.  It was good to call in and see the finished product – the size and scale of the houses makes our houses in their estate makes our house look like servants quarters.  It was beautiful with an impressive amount of living space.

IMG_0732 IMG_0734

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