Williamsburg – Busch Gardens

It’s the 10/10/10 and we spent the night in Williamsburg, Virginia – while the main body of the family spent Sunday (and mum’s birthday) visiting the Premium Outlet Mall, Emily and I spent the day at Busch Gardens taking in some coasters…

…Loch Ness Monster, a relatively tame twin loop coaster

…Griffon, total extreme with two massive verticle drops and on the first one you hang over the edge for sometime just to build up the panic level

…Aplengeist, awesome hanging coaster with massive loop and reversing cork screws

…Apollo’s Chariot, a more traditional up and down coaster where you really rise out of your seat

Emily was total panic leading up to the Griffon. She was shaking nervously as we first loaded into the coaster however her tuned changed as first words at the end of the ride were…”we have to do this again and again and again”.

There were many other great rides and one of the best 3D slow coaster rides I have seen with the Curse of DarKastle and a virtual flight over Europe that rivals Sorin ovr California at Disney.

The park was suitably done up for Halloween which also added to the atmosphere as we journeyed around.

IMG_0745 IMG_0750


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