Found a House – Damansara Heights

Kerrie and the girls have found a house and we signed the agreement this weekend…it has 4 massive bedrooms upstairs and a rumpus…downstairs is lounge, my lego room, dinning and a dry kitchen and wet kitchen…also a maids bedroom for nanna or grandma to alternate visits.

Photos as follows.

Spare Bedroom                                      Emily’s Bedroom – Walk in Robe

IMG_1880 IMG_1881

Lounge                                                  Pool Gazebo

IMG_2012  IMG_1884

Dry Kitchen                                            Drive Way and Guards Box

IMG_2014  IMG_2008

Pool                                                       Entrance

IMG_2009 IMG_2011

Backyard (Grass out Front for Dogs)     Wet Kitchen

IMG_2018 IMG_2021

Bathrooms (each of the 4 bedrooms has its own bathroom)

IMG_2035 IMG_2038

Master Bedroom

IMG_2046 IMG_2048

Front Yard                                              Driveway

IMG_2052 IMG_2058

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