Bali for Chinese New Year – 2nd to 6th Feb 2011

Chinese New Year is a long break in Malaysia so we took the opportunity to head to Bali staying at the Holiday Inn.  As it was our first trip to Bali it was good to be near Kuta but next time we would definitely stay at one of the resorts further out.

It was a good break but rained for most of it so we just relaxed by the pool side.  For one day we hired a driver who took us inland to have a look around.

Unwinding at gazebo’s by the pool side.

IMG_2283 IMG_2284


Lunch at the pool side – Holiday Inn.

IMG_2287 IMG_2293

Waiting for massage.


Around Kuta.

IMG_2302 IMG_2301 IMG_2303

IMG_2304 IMG_2306

Drinking Lewak Coffee – World’s most expensive coffee out the bum of a Lewak.

IMG_2310 IMG_2312

Flying back business class – Kerrie booked the return flights for 6th March not 6th February – caught out by the 28 days in February – only available flights back were business class.

Emily the high flying executive used the business class room to do her homework :=)

IMG_2325 IMG_2326

IMG_2332 IMG_2333

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