Canopy Walkway

On the Sunday morning we went on a 4km walk taking in the Canopy Walkway and Bukit Teresek (Bukit is HILL in Malay). Our guide for the time at Taman Negara was Ishmil.

The Canopy Walk is 45 meters high and 510 meters long and is the longest canopy walk in the world. The forest canopy allows you to view the rich and diverse flora and fauna at the very summit of the forest. If you have not completed the canopy you have not completed Taman Negara – also if you have not sweated several kilos of water you have not done Taman Negara.



Bukit Teresek is a 1.7km walk up hill – luckily Emily the mountain goat carried the back pack. A number of people stopped Emily and asked her how old she was – when she replied that she was ten everyone would comment on their wish to be young again.



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