Phuket–3rd to 7th June

After Emily’s FOBISSEA Carnival we stayed on in Phuket for a few days staying at the Marriott Courtyard at Surin Beach. The Marriott has a few hotels in Phuket so of course Molly and I went to the wrong one from the airport (Kerrie was already in Phuket).  This was not so much embarrassing but more painful in having to face Kerrie because she did tell me and Molly (several times) to make sure we went to the right hotel.

Surin beach is one of the nicer beaches in Phuket and has the advantage of not being weighed down with tourists.



Breakfast on Surin Beach…Maybe life has been come a bit too indulgent as I sit here writing this blog entry while having lunch – a good wine, mustard, cheese and bread after walking the dogs down to our local deli in KL.



The Sunday afternoon we hired scooters to have a look around Phuket.  Molly protested big time but eventually got used to being on a scooter – however she has never hugged me so tight!!!  The girls are now looking forward to a ride on Cookies motorbike next time we are in Albury.




Hotel tip – Kerrie actually booked the Marriott from their Australian web site as it had a fantastic deal – even better than what the school had negotiated in a bulk discount.

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