Zoo Negara–Kuala Lumpur

Haven’t written in the blog for a while so have a number of entries to catch-up on.  One such entry was our trip to Zoo Negara.  I am still fascinated by Zoos but the girls are saying they are finding them a bit tedious.  So this trip to Zoo Negara they entertained themselves by turning it into a competition to see who could spot the “Animals Balls” first – see the initial collection of photos.




I would like to say that Kerrie discouraged this and kept the quality of photos to her usual high standard (as per next collection) – but unfortunately it was her idea, shocked into it by the Wallaby which must be in pain.

Zoo Negara is the national Zoo and is in Kuala Lumpur. Was an interesting collection of animals and worth the visit but many enclosures still need upgrading to be respectful tot he animals.




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