New House in Desa Park City and New Car

My new Perodua Myvi – zippy little car to get me to work – Perodua is one of the local Malaysian car manufacturers.  Proton is the other manufacturer and our other car.  It seems most Malays strive to own foreign made cars so we went against the trend.



Early photos of our new 6 bedroom / 3 story rental  in Desa Park City.  Desa Park City is a closed community with a life style very similar to what we had in Canbberra – great gym / pool / tennis / football / basketball courts. Lake and cycling tracks.  Further out than where we are now but a better lifestyle for the girls now that we are staying long term.


Main Living Room and Kitchen




Master Bedroom



One of the kids bedrooms


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One Response to New House in Desa Park City and New Car

  1. Joey Macmillan says:

    Next time you go to KK try The Seaside Travellers Inn, must be just up the road from where you stayed. We had such a great time in Borneo this year and the highlight was Sipadan where we stayed on the Seaventures dive (oil) rig. Climbing The Pinnacles was amazing, the girls would love it . Hope you are enjoying life. Love Joey Macmillan

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