Pangkor Island–Malaysia–17th to 20th August 2011

We took an extra long weekend to Pangkor Island which is about a 3 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur and then a 15 minute ferry.  It is a completely no frills island mainly surviving on fishing and local tourism – very popular for weekenders from KL.

We stayed at the Anjungan Beach Resort which is right near Coral Beach (easily the best beach on the island) and the pick of the resorts.  Good value at around MYR250 a night for a family room – you can get much cheaper but it then gets even more basic.

Anjungan Beach Resort–Cosy 3 Star Resort on Pangkor Island


Pangkor Island is not really a place to take overseas visitors as it is very basic and you have to be more adjusted to the local environment to enjoy it – however it was a good weekend away and a great way to escape KL.

We all had fun snorkelling. Kerrie finally got some prescription swimming goggles which meant she could join in but they were not ideal. She has ordered a prescription diving mask which will be really great for next time.

The girls really enjoy snorkelling, especially Molly who seems to like the escape that it offers. She goes into a whole other world and stays out for hours on end.

Coral Island – across from where we were staying and OK snorkelling. Not much coral but a lot of fish…and as always in Malaysia dinner at a restaurant on the beach…



Girls had great fun playing on inflatable equipment…



Their Sand Couch…



Always lots of wildlife and Horn Bills…



Drying fish…



Girls lighting incense and praying in Chinese Temple…


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