2011 Christmas Day

With Emily in hospital and the family lunch planned for everyone to get together at Sharon’s farm, mum and dad’s was for the first time lean with kids on Christmas morning. In fact the only kid was Molly – the first time in a long time that there were no young kids waking up to Santa at mum and dads.

So the pressure was on Molly as mum, dad and myself gathered around Molly to watch her open her presents – Kerrie stayed the night at the hospital with Emily.  Molly, who usually sleeps in for Christmas, entertained us by getting up and acting somewhat excited.

Main present for Molly, Emily and Kerrie this year were Toy Watches. These Italian watches have taken off (especially in USA). All three of them got a watch from the Jelly Looped collection – you take the watch on and off by looping the band around the head of the watch and the band is interchangeable to enable multiple colours. Effectively they can swap parts of the band between the three of them to change their watch colour.



After visiting Emily in hospital we headed off to Sharon’s for lunch on the farm just out of Shepparton – a 2 hour drive from Albury. An overnight storm had knock out the power to the farm and so we arrived to see her madly trying to cook on the BBQ roast pork, roast lamb and roast chicken.

As the water on the farm requires electricity to run the pump I had to do a trip down to the water tanks to fill up buckets to flush the toilet – it was a real Aussie Bush Christmas.

Despite all this Sharon pulled it all together really well and lunch was great.

After lunch, Santa visited (in his AU$10 Malaysian bought suit) to hand out the presents to everyone.  Molly also took mum and dad’s car out for a spin on some of the back roads which she enjoyed.




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