GIS vs ISKL – Molly’s U15 Basketball Final – 19th Jan 2012

Well done Molly and the GIS U15 Girls Basketball in winning their final against ISKL Open-mouthed smile

Both teams were undefeated against all others and were one win each against each other so a close match was expected and a close match it was.  In the end GIS won 24 to 22 after 5 minutes of extra time.



This was the first game I seen in a while and it was good to see that they had come a long way in the last 12 months. From the unorganised rabble I saw last time they now have some good team plays and support and back each other up really well. 

Molly played a good game.  She is now consistent in her lay ups and close in shots, easily up over 80% strike rate.  Her lay ups are very nice with a gently roll off the hand and into the basket – no longer over shooting – and she checks herself for her 1 to 2 meter shots. 

She played a good defensive game as well. The majority of ISKL attacks were down Molly’s side of the court and she blocked well.  The main thing for her to now work on is under the basket on rebounds by playing in front and not being muscled out.





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