Siddharta Hotel – Siem Reap – Cambodia

The Siddharta Hotel, located midway between the centre of Siem Reap and the Angkor temples was a great place to stay.  It cost US$150 a night for two ground floor rooms each with a private balcony that opened up onto the pool.  This price included breakfast and Tuk Tuk’s each day from early morning until 10pm. These were able to take us wherever we wanted to go including all around the Temples and the 10 minute ride into town.


Tour of the Hotel Room


Buffet Breakfast


One pleasent surprise is that 1 hour massages were only US$10 to US$14 at the hotel. They are cheaper in town but having done both I would recommend the hotel. For a few dollars extra, a much better service and much cleaner – I think I have been in Asdia too long when arguing over a few dollars.

Make sure you try the Khmer massage – similar to a Thai massage but more relaxing and less agressive stretching.

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