Tuk Tuk – Siem Reap – Cambodia

Tuk Tuk is the best way to get around Siem Reap.  The breeze through your hair keeps you cool and they can weave through traffic far better than a car.  A car is just impossible given the fact that no one obeys traffic lights or road rules.



To get around town on single trips you should not pay more than US$2. Our hotel was a few kilometres out of town and US$2 was the fare once negotiated down.  They would start around $5, get down to $3 and then give in at $2 every time we started to walk away.

For most of our stay we had two permanent Tuk Tuk’s arranged through the hotel.  They drove us around from Sunrise to 10pm. However on a few nights we got them to take us into town and then told them to knock off for the night as US$2 to get back to the hotel would not break the bank.

Tuk Tuk Scenes around Siem Reap

I think our permanent Tuk Tuk drivers got US$15 a day so we gave them a generous tip at the end of the four days. They were great taking us around and helping organise the itinerary and ensuring we went at times to the Temples when crowds were not too bad – i.e. no coach groups.

One of our drivers was ex. Military and so had some interesting stories the other had a child which he sent to what he called an International School.  This cost him US$800 a year and he was very proud of working hard to give his child good schooling. The International School seemed to be one where all kids were local but teachers were international and taught a harder curriculum than public schools, with it also being all in English. The girls got all this gossip and luckily were tactful enough not to mention how much their International School costs a year!!!

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