Day 1 – Siem Reap – Cambodia – 21st Jan 2012

Day 1 started very early as we left our home in Kuala Lumpur around 4:30am to catch 6:30am Air Asia flight. A two hour flight and one hour time difference meant that we were going through customs at Siem Reap around 8am.

A short drive to the Siddharta Hotel where we were quickly checked in, introduced to our Tuk Tuk drivers and off for a day of exploring.

As it was mid-morning, the crowds at Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom would not be good. So we headed off to Banteay Srei which is 30km out and the furthest of the temples to get to.  This is less visited and so crowds would not be too bad.

Along the way we stopped at the Cambodia Landmine Museum. This was started by Aki Ra, a former Khmer Rouge conscripted child soldier whose history you can read in the following photos.



The Tuk Tuk ride out to Banteay Srei was over an hour so by the time we arrived we were ready for a bite of lunch. Nearly all the temples have stalls setup near them for eating and souvenir shopping.


Banteay Srei is a Hindu Temple. Although small, Kerrie liked it as the light and style made for some nice photos. Also much of the carving and engraving was still quite prominent.




On the journey back we called into some roadside stalls and saw them boiling up Palm Sugar to make sweets. The sweets are quite gritty and a good energy boost. I also picked myself up a Sarong but found it impossible to keep up when your stomach is many inches larger than your waist.


The next temple we visited was Banteay Samre, also Hindu.



We only did the two temples on the first day as being the furthest out they took some time by Tuk Tuk. However defiantly worth doing by Tuk Tuk as you get to see the country side.

The afternoon we spent by the pool and then we went into town for dinner at the Amok Restaurant which is in one of the passages off Pub Street. This placed has got well deserved reviews on most travel sites. The video shows the Cambodia Degustation which was enough for 3 to 4 people and provides a good sample of local dishes.

The Amok Restaurant is a bit westernised in atmosphere (refer to our Day 2 dinner for a more local restaurant) but is a safe way for most people to try local cuisine.

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2 Responses to Day 1 – Siem Reap – Cambodia – 21st Jan 2012

  1. Joey Macmillan says:

    Hi Kerrie and David

    Looks great and keep posting as we got cheap flights to BKK and are thinking about going to Cambodia and Laos ! Love Joeyxx

    • batrouney says:

      Hi Joey, was definately a great 4 days…in fact we thought it one of the best long weekends we have done as after 4 days you come away feeling you have done it all and at a nice pace.

      Let Kerrie know if you go to Bangkok as she might be there…she was there with Molly a few weeks ago on sport and Molly is there again this weekend…we are ditching Molly this time and going to Singapore while she goes to Bangkok but I know Kerrie has a potential trip to Bangkok with Emily’s sport at some time.

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