Day 2 Part 1 – Siem Reap – Cambodia – 22nd Jan 2012

Day 2 was an 8am start.  Our Tuk Tuk drivers thought this was too late a start for Angkor Wat (which was good advice as it turned out) and so suggested we do two other temples first and Angkor Wat around lunch.  So first temple for the day was Ta Prohm – the Tomb Raider Tree Temple, so our token photos are first up.


This was our first Buddhist temple. It was in poor condition but made for great photos because of the numerous trees growing out of the ruins.




This series of shots is a great example of the renovation they are doing…so not all doom and gloom on that side…


After an hour at Ta Phrom we moved onto Banteay Kdey – another Buddhist temple which means “A Citadel of Chambers”. By this time we were so into the Temples that even Kerrie found religion…



A short break was needed after this and a sticky rice snack went down well…



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2 Responses to Day 2 Part 1 – Siem Reap – Cambodia – 22nd Jan 2012

  1. I really wanna visit Siam Reap! It’s part of my bucket list! thanks for sharing! Your post made me wanna visit it sooner!! 🙂 I quite envy you.. haha… anyway, how many days do you suggest if I visit this wonderful place??? Can I do it for 3 days?? thanks!

    • batrouney says:

      3 days is OK to do all the temples. We found 4 perfect as a day off in the middle to explore other things – did a Quad Bike Tour South of Siem Reap which was great through rice fields and villages on the non Temple day.

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