Universal Studios – Singapore – 4th and 5th Feb 2012

Each Saturday night at Universal Studio’s Singapore they open the park until late.  You can purchase tickets from 6:30pm for SG$5. None of the rides are going but you can eat, shop, take photos and wait for the 9pm fireworks.

Going in at night did give some great photos especially against the many backdrops…


The Sunday we went into the park proper…

20120204 16 Universal Resorts World - Singapore Long WeekendRight in front of Aus!!!

Even though you can easily get around Universal Studio’s in a day, it was well worth us getting there to queue by 9:30am before the gates opened at 10am.  This meant we could rush into the Transformers ride and others before big queues formed and save our Express Pass for a second go. In fact my recommendation is that if you only want to do the rides once then don’t bother with the additional expense of an Express Pass – just get there early.

BTW…The Transformers is a must…It is a 3D simulation ride where many of the effects really make you feel like you are falling off a large building or right in the middle of a battle…The ride is a vehicle which moves from scene to scene so that the screen and environment can be tailored accordingly (much better than the stationery simulators). Emily and I did a similar ride at Busch Gardens a few years ago – it was a Haunted Castle and blew us away at the time – the Transformers story is much better and so you really get into it.

Most of the other rides are tame…the park I think is ideal for kids around 8 to 10 as their are many rides pitched to them (easy roller coasters etc.) and even the bigger rides are not extreme.

While queues were not bad for rides they were at times very bad for characters. My advice is don’t get caught up with the character queues. We found there were a lot of characters and as long as you were not too fussed you would run into one from time to time without a long queue.



All in all we had a great time – if you don’t go in there comparing to parks in the USA then you will have a great time. Some other key take aways…

  • You will get wet on the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure but don’t wimp out like most and buy a plastic poncho
  • Make sure you are at the front of the Cylon Battlestar Galactica Coaster – the loop the loop into a mist filled pit is awesome
  • In the Lights! Camera! Action! show make sure you are up the front and in the middle – kids will love what happens!!!
  • The 50’s and 60’s shows at Mel’s Drive-In are great – get to rock and roll in the street with the kids and embarrass them
  • All the meals are not great but we found Gloria’s Snack Bar best for lunch as Japanese so not junk food and the Celebrity Cafe & Bakery best for a snack or drink


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2 Responses to Universal Studios – Singapore – 4th and 5th Feb 2012

  1. Hoo Sze Ling says:

    Were all the rides working? I heard that some are closed for maintenance. A friend is thinking of going here soon.

    • batrouney says:

      Yes all the rides were open – some of the brochers stated rides were closed from August 2011 for maintenance but I think they have all been finsihed. I understand why many Malaysian fly to teh theme parks on the Gold Coast in Australia – they are very much bigger and much more to do – but Universal Studios was still nice albiet small.

      Love your entry on Siem Reap – we just got back there and wish I had read you entry first as showed a very different side to what you see in the tourist route.

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