Old KL

As I have been working recently on Jalan Melaka we took the opportunity one Friday afternoon (24th Feb 2012) for Kerrie and the girls to come into town and explore Old KL.  It is called Old KL as the streets around Jalan Melaka are some of the oldest in Kuala Lumpur and represent a melting pot of Malay-Chinese-Indian culture.

We started in the Bazar along Jalan Melayu – Molly’s current boyfriend (aka Sideshow Bob) joined us and as always there was an early food stop for Emily, her Malay peanut pancake (Apam Balik) with sweet corn.

20120224 01 - Bazar - Old KL20120224 02 - Bazar - Old KL

20120224 03 - Bazar - Old KL20120224 04 - Bazar - Old KL

The architecture down Lebuh Ampang shows off the colonial heritage – but now the shops are a mixture of good food, book stores, hardware and anything else you can think of.

20120224 10 - Lebuh Ampang - Old KL20120224 09 - Lebuh Ampang - Old KL20120224 06 - Lebuh Ampang - Old KL

The fortune teller on Lebuh Ampang is good fun. He is always just sitting in the same place on a cloth on the pavement. He uses parrot predictions (Kili josiyam) where a parrot comes out of their cage, picks a card and that reflects your prediction. I found out I shall live a long life, will be wealthy as long as I share my money and will have 3 kids – so the girls think we should adopt to make up the third.


Kuala Lumpur means "Muddy confluence” and the Old KL area is where the two rivers, the Klang and the Gombak meet. The rivers now are concrete through the city but there is a Mosque that is right on the confluence of the two rivers.

20120224 13 - Old KL

Friday evening was not the best time to take in much of this area as the great food places that I wanted to take Kerrie are largely only open during the week. But still nice to stroll and take in the variety of sites.

We finished with Indian for dinner in the Little India Area and the Emily had a go at trying to string some pray flowers together before we headed back home.

20120224 14 - Emily Threading Flowers - Old KL

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