Zoo Malacca

Great day trip to Malacca on Saturday 31st March 2012.  The four of us plus Molly’s current boyfriend (Ali).

20120331 19 Melaka Day Trip20120331 03 Melaka Day Trip

First stop was Malacca Zoo. It is the second largest zoo in Malaysia, next to Kuala Lumpur Zoo and has over 200 different species. It is a bit old but still well maintained and the animal enclosures are quite good and reasonably humane. You can get very close to some of the animals and many of the enclosures have multiple viewing spots – offering great views of the Tigers as an example.

The animal / bird show was not that great – similar to many others with parrots and other birds doing tricks but they were not that well trained. Could easily give it a miss if you have been to the bird show in Kota Kinabalu Zoo.

They had baby elephants on show. You could pay two ringgit to feed them sugar cane.

DSC_748420120331 16 Melaka Day Trip


This Orang-utan was a character, perched close to us on a high post.  He took a liking to Molly’s boyfriend blowing him many kisses – his hairstyle was not unlike the orang-utan’s.




Some great vies of the big cats. Their enclosures were well set up such that they were very visible.




You could walk through one enclosure that had bats and lemurs. Bit freaky at first as the lemurs jump back and forth on the side walk railing as you progress through.

20120331 13 Melaka Day Trip



There was a great variety of animals and good insight into many of Malaysia animals.



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