Genting Highlands

Day trip to Genting Highlands on Saturday 7th April 2012.  This is a bizarre place about an hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. It is situated at the top of the hills that surround Kuala Lumpur and gives you a great view of the city.  Effectively it is a range of hotels and casino’s but also has an outdoor and indoor theme park.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not and the Haunted House are two combined attractions.  Ripley’s is always good fun. The Haunted House is one of the old style walk throughs with creatures jumping out at you. It is very well done and gave the girls a good scream!!!




The Outdoor Theme Park is very dated but has some unique rides. The best was the Flyover Rollercoaster where you actually end up lying down. First lie down rollercoaster I had been on and was a different experience.  We got to go on several times.




The best deal is just to buy a all day pass to the combined Outdoor and Indoor Theme Park. We didn’t do much in the Outdoor park as queues were not worth the wait but the Indoor was not too bad and although no extreme rides in-door there were still a lot of fun rides. The Dodgem Cars were great as they allowed you to really bump into each other – you tend to get told off in Australia when you bump too hard.



There are lots of sideshows around the complex which of course cost extra but for Australians are still very good value.  The girls gave Archery a go.



Genting Highlands is not worth frequent visits. The occasional trip to do a few things and get of Kuala Lumpur is what it is design for.  Unless you are a gambler.

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