White Water Rafting – Kampar River – Perak, Malaysia

Wednesday 11th April 2012 was another Public Holiday in Malaysia, this time to celebrate the new King. We celebrated with 3 hours of white water rafting down the Kampar River, about two hours out of Kuala Lumpur towards Ipoh.

We went with MM Adventure Services and we highly recommend them.  They were one of the few that would cater for Emily as a 12 year old and their safety was impeccable. They would send a small boat in front of us for each rapid just in case Emily or one of us fell out.  We never did, unlike the Americans that were going down the river with an alternate company who were a lot more lapse with their safety.


MM Adventure Services, T: +60 3 4146 1242, mmadventure@gmail.com



We were instructed well and both Molly and Emily always got a bit excited when the guide would yell “Boom Boom”. This was the call for us to come off the boat edge and sit inside as we hit the larger rapids.  I just wish they were as excited and energetic when he yelled “Paddle”.


Truck Ride to the River



On the River




Action Shots




Swim Break


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