i-City – Shah Alam

Saturday evening we headed out to i-City, Shah Alam, Selangor for a somewhat bizarre experience.  Very tacky yet at the same time enjoyable!!!

i-City is a development complex of residential and commercial in the more urban part of Kuala Lumpur that is trying to pitch itself as as a mini Technology City.  By the look of the area it has not been that successful however in the middle of it all is this small Theme Park that is characterised by all these bedazzling digital lights – in fact a forest of LED’s is the best way to describe it.

20120526 16 - iCity Shah Alam20120526 24 - iCity Shah Alam

Through these you could take a Spacewalk – a pedal powered psychedelic coaster…


If this wasn’t enough tackiness then in another area they have recovered a large part of the multi story car park and turned it into a big freeze called the SNOWALK.  This place was cool (pardon the pun).  It was full of ice sculptures, igloos and ice slides.  A bit expensive at RM140 for the four of us but they did give you a warm coat to wear.


20120526 08 - Snowalk - iCity Shah Alam20120526 11 - Snowalk - iCity Shah Alam

20120526 13 - Snowalk - iCity Shah Alam

20120526 15 - Snowalk - iCity Shah Alam


Outside of these two things there is not much else.  We thought there would be a lot of things and so we got there for around 6pm. This was good because later it did get very busy at the SNOWALK but it did mean we had to wait around for a while until dark to see the lights.

Surprisingly there were not many places for dinner so we just went to the Old Town White Coffee.

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