Sekinchan – Fishing Village Day Trip

Sunday 3rd June we headed off around 11am to Sekinchan for the day.  It is a small fishing village on the edge of one of the three rice bowls of Malaysia.


To get there from Kuala Lumpur we headed north towards Ipoh and took the first exit past Proton City exit – about an hour from Kuala Lumpur.  We then headed west for another hour, first through palm oil plantations and eventually rice fields to get to Sekinchan.  Coming home we headed south through Kuala Selangor, a much better road for night travel.

Although Sekinchan is small, it does contribute nearly 15% of Malaysia’s seafood and so it is busy with activity.  We got there just after 1pm as we had a lunch stop at one of the many roadside stalls of fruit. We spent the first hour or so wondering the streets looking at the unloading of fish.


20120603 01 Day Trip to Sekinchan - Selangor - Kuala Lumpur20120603 04 Day Trip to Sekinchan - Selangor - Kuala Lumpur



We then headed to Pantai Redang beach on the mouth of the river…not the prettiest but was great to relax with a nice breeze and fly a kite.




At Pantai Redang the locals have fashioned old fishing nets and wood into tree houses with hammocks…I got a cold beer and truly relaxed…





Later in the afternoon, once it had cooled down, we went back into town and explored further…the Chin Huat Fishball Factory (59 Lorong 2, Bagan Sekinchan) and the Kiang Yak Boat Builder (PT 3473 Lorong 3, Bagan Sekinchan) are both worth a look.  The boat building yards were majestic with a half built timber fishing boat on show being largely made by hand.

As the sun began to set we headed into the rice fields for photos. May to June is harvest time and so the fields turn golden and make for some great sunset viewing.  We also called in at PLS Marketing and bought our token bag of brown rice from the area.



Also a great chance for Kerrie and her macro lens.





Dinner was at Restoran Kim Kee (Jalan Pasar) back in Sekinchan.  Pasar means market so basically look for the main market area.

The owners could not speak English and so they took us out the back and we pointed at the seafood we wanted – prawns, sotong (squid), and stingray.  We had no idea how they would cook it – it was a surprise and one worth waiting for.  Prawns were done with ginger and garlic, sotong was battered and fried, and the stingray was steamed in some sauce and was very tender.  All up with noodles and vegetables it cost us RM66 or around AU$20 – another great surprise for the amount we ate.

20120603 10 Restoran Kim Kee - Day Trip to Sekinchan - Selangor - Kuala Lumpur20120603 13 Restoran Kim Kee - Day Trip to Sekinchan - Selangor - Kuala Lumpur


This was a great day trip and highly recommended. The girls said afterwards that they were apprehensive expecting a the type of trip along the lines of “where is dad dragging us now” but instead they really enjoyed the day and the experience.

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