Yangshuo – Saturday 4th August

Saturday 4th August was a 9am start to take a cruise down the Li River – the main river through Yangshuo.

We hopped onto these bamboo rafts (bigger than the previous day) which we thought were going to take us to a much larger boat. However as it turned out these were the rafts we would stay on for the hour long cruise down the Li River. The river was flooded with people cruising on these rafts and it was obvious it was one of the tourist things to do.

Cruising the Li River

20120804 02 Boating - Li River - Yangshuo - China Holiday20120804 05 Boating - Li River - Yangshuo - China Holiday



Our Tour Family Waving Hi



The cruise took us downstream to a small village where we wandered for a while looking at some local crafts and business. We also had a quick look at a local school but classes were out for the holidays.


Fan Making  -  Chinese Village  -  Noodles Drying



After driving back to Yangshuo the girls took a lesson in Chinese Painting.

Chinese Painting Lesson – Painting Bamboo


20120804 07 Village - Yangshuo - China Holiday20120804 11 Painting Lesson - Yangshuo - China Holiday

20120804 12 Painting Lesson - Yangshuo - China Holiday20120804 16 Painting Lesson - Yangshuo - China Holiday


Then all went onto get manicures and pedicures (I went to a bar) before we had to jump on a bus back to Guilin for another overnight train trip, this time to Guangzhou to catch the ferry to Hong Kong.

Sophia and Emily Relaxing



Overnight from Guilin to Guangzhou

20120804 26 GuLin Railway Station - Train from Yangshuo to Guangzhou - China Holiday20120804 27 GuLin Railway Station - Train from Yangshuo to Guangzhou - China Holiday


Our Imperial City Hotel in Yangshou was very average and there seemed much better 3 star establishments around. The only up side was that it was not on West Street but just around the corner so noise was not too bad.  West Street will party all night and so a hotel on West Street will be noisy. Our rooms were good and had a small balcony out over the street but read the reviews on Trip Advisor as they sum it up pretty well – don’t think any rooms look like what the owners show on Trip Advisor.

Imperial City Hotel

No.9 Binjiang Road, Yangshuo County 541900, China


Imperial City Hotel – Yangshuo


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