Hong Kong Disney – Monday 6th August

Here it is, the highlight of the China Tour – Hong Kong Disney. Being a Disney fan it has to be the highlight!!!

The gates did not open until 10:30am so it was not the usual up at the crack of dawn start. Subway from Hong Kong city is about 1/2 of an hour as we met our Tour Family at 9:15am in the hotel lobby and arrived at Hong Kong Disney around 10am.  Was worth getting there a bit early to buy tickets and get into the park.

We Arrive Hong Kong Disney

20120806 01 Hong Kong Disney - China Holiday

Fountain outside Disney



We rushed down Main Street as wanted to see what the castle looked like. It was small (very small) but picturesque with the mountain backdrop.

Hong Kong Disney Castle – Small but Picturesque

20120806 08 Hong Kong Disney - China Holiday



As Grizzly Gulch had just opened, and is not in any of the other parks, we rushed there first. Straight onto the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars – a medium level roller coaster with some thrills backwards and forwards.  Then some photos around Grizzly Gulch.

Grizzly Gulch



Next we rushed across the park to Tomorrowland to get fast pass for Space Mountain and while waiting jumped onto Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.  In hind sight this was not the best move as we should have went to Toy Story Land as those rides did not have fast pass and so we could have taken Space Mountain later in day.


20120806 12 Hong Kong Disney - China Holiday



As we had half an hour for our Space Mountain fastpass after Buzz Lightyear we went and jumped on It’s a Small World. This Disney classic which was done very well in Hong Kong Disney. We met Merlin along the way.

It’s a Small World  -  Merlin

20120806 14 Hong Kong Disney - China Holiday



It was then back to do Space Mountain. Probably not the best Space Mountain as was not as dark as the others but was still fast with tight turns.

We then worked our way back to the Castle for some more photos and then to be able to enter through the Castle to Fantasyland – the only way.


20120806 19 Hong Kong Disney - China Holiday


20120806 20 Hong Kong Disney - China Holiday20120806 33 Hong Kong Disney - China Holiday


Surprisingly there were not many theme rides in Fantasyland.  We were disappointed and surprised that there was no Peter Pan ride and in fact the only themed ride was Winnie The Pooh. For this reason the queue was very long and so we took a fast pass. This was around 12pm and yet the fastpass was for a 4pm return – shows impact of not having more themes Fantasyland rides as after all that is where Disney is unique.

In Fantasyland we took in Mickey’s PhilharMagic show – a great classic – and then headed to Main Street for lunch.  There were big queues as all eating places but as it was 12:40pm and the Flights of Fantasy Parade was 1pm we were hoping they would clean out quick – which they did.  Kerrie got a table when the Parade started, she went in with Molly for a rest while Emily and I stayed out to watch the Flights of Fantasy Parade.

We ate at the Main Street Corner Cafe – the food at Hong Kong Disney is very good, not the typical fast food of America.

Hong Kong Disney Flights of Fantasy Parade






Post lunch, as we stepped into Main Street, this great bucket band started up. Very entertaining.

Disney Bucket Band



We did some shopping in Main Street before heading to Adventureland and The Jungle River Cruise. Although the same concept as Jungle River Cruise in other Disney Parks it had a good entertaining ending – worth doing.


20120806 09 Hong Kong Disney - China Holiday


It was mid afternoon and so we then headed to Toy Story Land. The queues for the 3 rides here were over 90 mins each and in the heat we decided not to wait. Hence why I said we should have done Toy Story Land first up. The rides are unique but short.

Toy Story Land

20120806 30 Hong Kong Disney - China Holiday



After Toy Story Land we made our way back to Fantasyland for Mickey’s Waterworks Parade. This was great as the parade exhibits squirted you with water so you could cool off. Molly did the Chinese thing and put up her umbrella but at least she didn’t do it in the front row – like some did – very rude.

Mickey’s Waterworks Parade



This was it for us for the day. We strolled back to the subway – spent and hour trying to get tickets – wrong change and then ticket machines kept breaking down – suggest to people to buy their return ticket in the morning when not so busy.

Saying Goodbye to Hong Kong Disney

20120806 37 Hong Kong Disney - China Holiday



Hong Kong Disney is small, very small. I expected something similar to the original Euro Disney but really it is about half the size. There are only a few rides in each land so queues are bad. We expected the queues to be bad and so did not have the expectation of going on every ride – this helped us enjoy Hong Kong Disney more.

We focused on what was unique and different. Certainly we got some new character photos – Merlin, Soldiers and Muppets – and the Waterworks Parade was fun.

The heat slows you down and so do not expect to rush around as much as you may at other Disney’s or risk the family becoming too exhausted.  Even I slowed down.

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