Weekend in Bangkok–August 16th to 20th, 2012

I am travelling to Bangkok on a weekly basis for a large banking transformation program. As such the girls took the opportunity to come to Bangkok for a weekend of shopping and sightseeing.

They came up early on Thursday 16th and spent the day shopping while I was at work.

Friday they then spent the day doing a Thai Cooking Class – when I arrived at the hotel that evening all three were non-stop about the many dishes they cooked – and especially vocal about the chilli’s they ate and the chilli paste they made to have on bread.

Friday night we headed out to Asiatiquethis a great collection of markets and restaurants on the. It is really well done, clean and prices not too bad. Things were not that different in price to Jatujuk Market and more eclectic.

We had dinner at the Capri (TripAdvisor Review, Blog Entry), an Italian restaurant on the Waterfront, and then spent the evening browsing the market stalls.


Asiatique Market

20120817 03 Asiatique - Weekend in Bangkok20120817 06 Capri - Asiatique - Weekend in Bangkok

20120817 18 Asiatique - Weekend in Bangkok


Saturday we headed out to Dream World, a large Theme Park in Bangkok. The park is about an hour by Taxi (300BHT) from the city and is a great day out.  English speaking people have to go to the Information Centre to buy tickets. These cost us 700BHT per person for all rides and shows.  There is an internet deal for transfer from the city plus lunch at 1,000BHT per person but with 4 people it works out the same if you want to go by taxi.

There is a good range of rides from rollercoasters to thrill rides to wet rides and 4D and live shows. Most rides are tame but the volume that Thai’s scream at scares you more.


Ready to Hit Dream World

20120818 01 Dream World - Weekend in Bangkok


The entrance to the park is a real treat as there are many things to take a picture with – very Asian.


20120818 03 Dream World - Weekend in Bangkok20120818 10 Dream World - Weekend in Bangkok20120818 12 Dream World - Weekend in Bangkok


There are some really different and novelty attractions with the Giants Castle from Jack and the Beanstalk to explore and Snow Town top toboggan in.

Giants Castle  -  Snow Town

20120818 21 Dream World - Weekend in Bangkok20120818 39 Dream World - Weekend in Bangkok


The only disappointment was that the heavens opened around 5pm and so it was a wet journey to walk back to the park entrance and find a taxi to go home.

Sunday was the obligatory trip to Jatujak Market. This place as we all know is huge but I do enjoy sitting down with a nice pineapple and mint shake and watching people shop. The girls had a great time here and really enjoyed themselves.

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