Drum Tao

Drum Tao - Art of Drum 2012Friday night (24th Aug 2012) we saw DRUM TAO – Art of Drum Tour 2012, at KLCC Plenary Theatre.

An energetic show from, Japan which consists primarily of Taiko drumming but also brings in the softer voices of the Japanese flute and horizontal harp. Each set is high energy choreographed with aspects of martial arts and some great comedy moments.

This was DRUM TAO’s first time in Kuala Lumpur and if you missed them this weekend I would recommend you see them upon their return.

All performers were high energy and you could see all were enjoying themselves.

s_yanakaHowever Hiroyasu Yanaka stood out for as someone who was really enjoying himself on stage and his energy became infectious. His slow moving martial arts piece was a great laugh. 



Maki Morifuji also stood out for me. Although she did not do much drumming and was more support with cymbals etc.  Her energy on stage was over the top and saw her everywhere. Plus her hair style was wild with a voluminous frizz.


There was also an awesome drum solo but I could not work out who was performing at that time.

This was an energetic night out while still primarily sitting down. A must see show.

iPhone 4 Photos – So Apologise for Quality

20120824 05 Drum Tao - KLCC20120824 08 Drum Tao - KLCC


On the Theatre – KLCC Plenary Theatre is very well laid out with what appears to be good views from nearly all seats. 

We had Category C tickets and were in the front row (AAA) of the balcony (Level 3).  If you leaned forward you had a great good view of the show. However is you leaned back in your seat the railing would obstruct the stage.  The 3rd row of the balcony seemed ideal as you could sit back in your seat and easily see over the front railing.

I preferred the Category C seats from the balcony over the Category C tickets on the main floor.

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