Emily Enters High School – GIS, Kuala Lumpur

Two weeks ago, Tuesday 4th September 2012, Emily clocked up another milestone when she started Year 7 and High School at Garden International School, Kuala Lumpur. Molly also kicks another goal as she is a Prefect this year – got to like her monogrammed shirt.


Emily is very organised and so should cope well. After two weeks she is the only one in her group who has not forgotten anything and is ahead in her home work schedule. In fact the only issue appears to have been her straying into Molly’s territory during lunch time.

The girls have had to cope with a lot of change in their schooling over the years – a contrast to myself who went to the same school (Scots School, Albury) for my entire life and in fact was the first person at the school to do pre-school right through to Year 12.

Molly started at Ivanhoe Girls Grammar (IGS), Melbourne in 2001 at the Early Learning Centre. She had 4 years, completing Year 1 with a great bunch of girls.  Emily started at the IGS Early Learning Centre in 2004 but only got to complete that year before we moved onto Canberra.

Emily 2nd Day at IGS Early Leaning Centre – 2004

Em 2nd day at school feb04 #2Em 2nd day at school feb04#3

In Canberra we placed the girls into the Public System and Yarralumla Primary School. This was a small school with some very active parents which also made for a good experience for the girls.  Molly graduate Year 6 at Yarralumla 2009 and then went onto Year 7 at Canberra Girls Grammar in 2010. That year we also moved Emily to Canberra Girls Grammar Primary as the change in families and parents at Yarralumla meant it was not the school it was. Emily thrives much better in the Private School system due to the structure.

Molly Starts Year 2 at Yarralumla Primary, Canberra – 2005

032 First Day of School - Molly Grade 2 - Yarralumla Primary School035 First Day of School - Molly Grade 2 - Yarralumla Primary School

The big change was then in 2011 when we headed to Kuala Lumpur and both girls started at Garden International School (GIS), Kuala Lumpur. This experience has been invaluable and moving to the UK curriculum has given Molly the challenge that she needed and GIS has given Emily great confidence especially as she stars in sports.

Girls in their GIS Uniform


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