Remembering Uncle Bruce

Kerrie’s Uncle Bruce passed away late last year of cancer.  The following is from a letter Kerrie composed with Molly and Emily in remembering their Uncle Bruce and a trip they did to England to see him just before he passed away…


Even though in recent years we have not seen much of Uncle Bruce, our time together with Bruce in mid October 2011 will always be remembered.

clip_image002He took us to Liverpool for the day – knowing that Molly and Emily had only been there once, he was in tour guide mode. He was able to point out many of the Police stations where he did work!

We stopped at the Walnut Tree Hotel where he reminisced about Grandad’s Pub and how he ran it, also about when he first met Jacqui (his wife).

We passed by Everton and stopped at Anfield. Now that we live in Malaysia we see English football again, the girls needed to see the home of the team they are required to support!

We then popped into the two cathedrals so we could see the vast differences in worship space! We went to the Philharmonic pub for lunch, then headed down to the docks to see what was left. After that we headed to Crosby to see the statues in the sea. Tide was out so we walked in the mud!


Emily remembers:-

  • He was short and funny! He was always happy
  • He never seemed frightened about the battle he had ahead of him
  • He used to hang me upside down
  • He always pretended to put his finger right up his nose.

Molly remembers:-

  • He used to shake my hand ……. very very very fast
  • He would always make very bad jokes, can’t remember any, they were so bad!
  • He offered us a drink, we asked for coke, we got orange juice!

Kerrie remembers:-

  • Stubble burns on my neck !!!!!
  • Wet willies !!
  • Bruce and Jacqui took me out for my first meal in a restaurant, I felt very special, it was a Chinese
  • We were the rent-a-kids at the Tilney street Silver Jubilee Party
  • Bruce and Jacqui moved to Ormskirk at around the time I left, they lived right around the corner
  • When I came home on holidays we often met by chance down at the pub or at the rugby club. It was always good to meet Uncle Bruce because he bought me and my friends pints of cider. The only payment was that, if asked I had to agree I was his niece!
  • Bruce was getting a reputation around Ormskirk for having a lot of nieces! Since Sue and Jil also used to meet him around town claiming to be his nieces! It did seem a little unbelievable, him having just moved here!
  • I remember Jacqui and Bruce’s wedding I had to sit at the kids table!! I had yellow and green shoes urgh! The shallowness of youth that I don’t remember much about the bride and groom! So here they are!

image        image

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