Taking the Kids to School

One of the many things I have enjoyed since we moved to Kuala Lumpur is that I am able to drive the girls to school in the morning. As school starts early for them it works out for me to take them and then continue into the city for work – something I could not make happen in Australia.

Working in Bangkok for past few months has not enabled me to do this but now that I have finished that project and back in Kuala Lumpur I am looking forward to morning transport duties from tomorrow – so is Kerrie as she can sleep in.

The morning trip always starts with Emily setting up her routine to get to the car first so she can have the front seat. Generally she is successful but every now and then she misses something and has to rush back inside which gives Molly the opportunity to slip into the front.  For these rare days the car conversation is then all about Molly as Emily sits in the back and sulks.

But come to think of it most days the conversation is about Molly.  Molly has this great ability to bring the conversation to all about her. I enjoy some mornings playing a game where I will put the most direct questions to Emily and see if Molly can redirect back to her…Emily’s one word answers often help Molly take control…

Dave – “Emily how was basketball training?”

Emily – “OK” – pause – “I guess” – longer pause then Molly jumps in…

Molly – “Our coach was taking care of two teams yesterday so we were pretty much left alone so I had to set the team up on some drills myself…my reverse lay ups are going well…however I missed 5 normal layups in a row…don’t know what happened…my shooting from the outside the key is going well…”

– and this will carry on until I squeeze in the next question.

Occasionally I am able to pose a question to Emily that Molly cannot edge into. This is only occasionally and is generally marked with a loud humph from the back seat and her attention is directed deep into her iPhone.

We have to drive through a Kampung (Malay Village) and so every now and then our trip to school will be punctuated with some on the street event: the occasional slaughtering of a cow or chicken on the road side, a bus going so slow as it is over flowing with people hanging out doors and windows, a lorry stopped in the middle of the road unloading and not having a care to the traffic banking up behind it.  We are all generally use to this now and so only causes a few side comments from us all.

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One Response to Taking the Kids to School

  1. Nurul says:

    Nice to know the expat and their family enjoy their time in Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia. Just discovered your blog this afternoon and I keep reading since.

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