2012 Malaysian MotoGP

Last weekend (20th and 21st October) was the Malaysian MotoGP. My first time to a MotoGP but with my brother-in-law I was there with an over the top enthusiast!!!

Stoner in Action





We arrived mid-morning Saturday and spent a while walking the promotion and factory booths before heading up to watch the qualifying.  It was a sunny day and so we took our time around the track. I became photographer to Jarrod and the many “Umbrella Girls” he wanted photos with – he said it was the bikes that he was interested in, the girls just got in the way.

Jarrod with Stoners 2011 World Championship Bike



The MotoGP on Sunday was not until 4pm so we arrived after lunch. We arrive in the middle of torrential rain and had a very wet walk to the grandstand. 

We were in time for the Moto2 and got to watch a great but wet race. It was a tight race and an exciting one for us as Anthony West (Aussie) got his first podium finishing second. Being a wet race his skills were able to dominate over his less powerful bike. The Petronas Raceline Malaysian team also did well coming 4th, so our part of the grandstand was noisy with both Aussie and Malay’s cheering.

Hafizh Syahrin, the Petronas Moto2 Malay rider is only 17 so a fantastic result for him in his home country. It was also great for Malaysia that the Moto3 Malay rider, Zulfahmi Khairuddin, also came second in the earlier Moto3 race.

Honda Stand

IMG_1405  IMG_1407

However the MotoGP is the main event and you could see why. Lorenzo led for the first half of the race, neck and neck with Pedrosa.  This was exciting to see however once Pedrosa got in front Lorenzo backed right off. He is leading the World Championship and it was not worth the risk of crashing.

With 7 laps to go Stoner was just overtaking Lorenzo for second on the first bend, right in front of us, when the race was called off due to rain.  Stoner finished third but we new he had Lorenzo if the race had continued.

MotoGP – First Bend – First Lap – Lorenzo, Pedrosa, Stoner


Rider down in the Moto2



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