The Cooke’s in Malaysia

The Cooke’s – Janelle (my Sister), her husband Jarrod and twins, Lilly and Bella – flew back to Australia on Wednesday 24th Oct 2012 after almost 2 weeks. Thus finishing our 4 week string of visitors.


It was an experience taking them around as it was Jarrod’s very first time overseas and Janelle has travelled very little so everything was an experience.  As such I have grabbed some of their photos as provides an insight in Kuala Lumpur from new travellers.

Sunday Morning Dim Sum – Kepong




Butterfly Park



Food and Markets




Safety is optional in Malaysia – Janelle and Jarrod could not believe some of the risks taken by motor cyclists and the lack of respect for laws – the naivety of new travellers!!!

At least he has his dad on the bike with him!!!


With young kids a day at Sunway Lagoon was something they really enjoyed…a small theme park but a good break for them on their vacation…



Kuala Selangor with the monkeys and fire flies is always a good night out…unfortunately Lillie got a small bite from one of the monkeys. No big deal as long as you do what we did and go straight to a clinic for disinfectant and antibiotics.


The bird park gave a chance for some great photos…another unfortunate happening however was a small bit again to Lillie by one of the birds…poor Lillie.



Kuala Lumpur is a lot to take in if your first time overseas – there were some big days for Lilly and Bella…


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