2012 GIS Athletics Carnival

The girls had their GIS Senior School Athletics Carnival today. Although they were restricted in the number of events they were allowed to compete in they still both walked away with their weight in GOLD!!!

The big surprise was Molly winning the 100m – Year 11, 12 and 13 all compete against each other.  Technically she has the long legs and I know from when she hits me that she is strong. I just didn’t know that she could get all limbs working in such a fashion to pull off the win.

Molly was a substitute into the 100m at the last minute. All the other runners go into a crouching start position. Molly, not knowing what to do and being more long distance, opts for standing start. The gun goes and the field gets off ahead but then Molly hits her top speed and brings them all in. As Emily comments… “Molly was quick, very quick, and she never slowed once she hit top speed.”


  • Gold – 100m
  • Gold – Javelin, but in Malaysian context this was a ball throw
  • Silver – Triple Jump
  • Silver – 4 x 100m Relay, Molly was anchor, over took 3 people to go into 2nd and needed another few meters for 1st

Emily’s story was shaped around the ball throw. When scores were put up at the end she was 7th. Luckily her History Teacher stepped in and suggested that it could not be so – it. When they double checked they realised they had confused her with another girl from her house and her 7th became 1st. 


  • Gold – Ball Throw
  • Gold – Shot Put
  • 4th – 4 x 100m Relay

Unfortunately because of numbers Emily was not able to complete in any individual running events.

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