Molly’s Eulogy to Charlie

A copy of what Molly posted about Charlie…our beloved Beagle…


RIP Charlie Red heart 

My little boy died today of a heart attack. I will miss him so much.

He could always cheer me up, we have been through so much together. The first night we adopted him he jumped onto my bed and slept the whole night.

He was there for me when I broke my toe. He had an amazing personality! He was terribly sneaky. Stealing food and digging holes, stopping everywhere to sniff everything. I’ve lost a couple of chewed shoes to you. Sneaking you brussels sprouts under the table. Endless hours of tug-of-war and fetch. Long walks. Trips to the beach. Playing chasey when you ran off. The 3 times you went to hospital because you were always injuring yourself. You were so energetic and hyper all the time.

Most of the time you would make me smile, sometimes it was too much. I will miss feeding you every night, telling you to roll over and shake before you could eat.

I remember training you in Canberra and taking you to the local RSPCA every Sunday when you were a puppy for lessons. You weren’t the best behaved dog but I loved you anyway.

I will miss you scratching my door at night and sitting on my lap and watching you eat your bones.

No more play dates with the next door neighbours dog. No more chasing tails. No more late night snacks. No more long cuddles after I’ve been away. I know the move to Malaysia was hard for you. Smaller backyard, less birds, more heat.

I never thought it would end like this. Taking you for a walk in the morning, feeding you and then finding you dead in my arms. You didn’t wake up.

I will look after Ruby for you Red heart I love you Charlie, it’s not going to be the same without you.






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