Daytrip to Pantai Morib – Malaysia

Saturday 1st December Kerrie and I (without the kids) went to Pantai Morib for the day.  Pantai Morib is about an hour and half out of Kuala Lumpur and as Pantai means beach in Malay you can guess it is on the coast.

The Pantai Morib area has recently had a facelift and the results are otustanding. Lovely grass areas to sit and relax, great little cafes for lunch and lots of kids flying kites.

Pantai Morib


20121201 35 Pantai Morib - Morib Day Trip20121201 36 Pantai Morib - Morib Day Trip

The main beach area is reminiscence of Blackpool in England as is very shallow and flat and so when the tide is out it is several 100m’s from the edge. However if you walk further along from the main Pantai Morib area you soon hit another strip with nothing but Casuarina trees and powdery white sand.

In fact if you jump back in the car, a few minutes north and you hit Pantai Kelanang.  Not as many facilities but then at the same time not as many people.

Pantai Kelanang

20121201 01 Pantai Kelanang - Morib Day Trip20121201 02 Pantai Kelanang - Morib Day Trip

When we first got tot he area we headed to Bukit Jugra to catch the view from the lighthouse. Standing tall at 146m above sea level, Bukit Jugra Lighthouse plays a very important function to navigators of ships at sea. It is strategically placed to face the Straits of Melaka. The lighthouse at the top was built in 1976 and is 25m tall.

Bukit Jugra

20121201 21 Jugra Hill - Morib Day Trip

20121201 17 Jugra Hill - Morib Day Trip20121201 18 Jugra Hill - Morib Day Trip

The other reason for going to Bukit Jugra first was to have lunch at Restaurant Bukit Jugra which is famous for beggar’s chicken. The restaurant is a kampung house with a kitchen and the eating area built on stilts-made of mangrove wood, over a small area of mangrove swamp

Eating here is a pre-arranged affair. The Bukit Jugra Beggar’s Chicken Restaurant absolutely does not entertain walk-ins and so unfortunately this time we did not get to eat.

You have to order your dishes at least 2 to 3 days in advance with some of the options being Beggar’s Duck, Beggar’s Pig Leg, Beggar’s Stomach, Beggar’s Mutton, Traditional Rice, Traditional Fish, Stir Fry Choy Dam, Herbal Sup, the pepper pig stomach soup, the fried rice, the tow foo, fish cake.

Beggar’s Chicken Restaurant

Bukit Jugra (Permatang Pasir),
42700 Banting,

Ph: +60 3 3120 2515 or +60 3 3120 2525


So we ended up have a great lunch of seafood back at Pantai Morib.

King Ikan Bakar – Seafood Lunch – Pantai Morib

20121201 27 Pantai Morib - Morib Day Trip

20121201 29 Pantai Morib - Morib Day Trip20121201 31 Pantai Morib - Morib Day Trip

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