Day 1 – Osaka – Japan Holiday

Very early start leaving the house at 5am to catch an 8am flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kansai to start our 2 weeks skiing and Christmas holiday in Japan.

20121215 04 LCCT Airport - Japan Holiday20121215 07 LCCT Airport - Japan Holiday

Landing in Kansai we proceeded to hire a Nissan X-Trail.  A lot of pre-planning was required for this as you must have an international drivers license.  The plan is to spend a few days driving up to the ski village, 3 days skiing and then a few days driving to Kyoto for Christmas.

20121215 17 Kansai Airport - Japan Holiday

Our flight arrived around 3pm – immigration and customs were no problem but even though it was a Saturday driving through Kansai and Osaka was slow.  Traffic was not that heavy but it just seems to move very slowly. It was well over an hour and half to travel 32km’s to the other side of Osaka for our first nights sleep at the U-Community Hotel, Higashi-Osaka.  The GPS was brilliant, one of the best we have seen as directions are spot on and plenty of indication when to turn and which lanes to be in.

IMGP0390 U-Community Hotel
1-3-30, Mikuriya-sakaemachi, Higashi-Osaka-shi, 577-0036 Japan

We strolled around Higashi-Osaka in light rain trying to find a place for dinner. A lot of places would turn us away saying they were full but we were not sure if this was really the case or if they just didn’t want to be bothered with non Japanese speaking people.  Where we are staying for the night is on the outskirts of Osaka and so no other tourists.

20121215 23 Around Higashi-Osaka - Japan Holiday 20121215 26 Around Higashi-Osaka - Japan Holiday 20121215 32 Around Higashi-Osaka - Japan Holiday

Driving through Osaka was a bit of a surprise.  We expected a glitzy Neon city but it was much more a concrete low-rise jungle.  With so any people riding bikes it felt a lot like the newer parts of Holland, especially with the concrete building and architecture.

Two Tier Bike Rack


As we walked around we were all enjoying the cold. It would have been around 10 Degree Celsius and with the light rain felt like being back home in Melbourne.  We all had hats and scarfs and it’s been a few years since we have been rugged up this way.

Emily Enjoying and Ice Cream in the Cold

20121215 51 Around Higashi-Osaka - Japan Holiday

In the end a simple dinner of Sushi and Tempura was thoroughly enjoyed.  The Sushi was so soft and the Tempura Chicken was outstanding. Even Emily had a good feed.

20121215 47 Around Higashi-Osaka - Japan Holiday 20121215 50 Around Higashi-Osaka - Japan Holiday 20121215 46 Around Higashi-Osaka - Japan Holiday

The hotel room is small but well designed.  Most things are designed for people slightly shorter than us but all is still OK. The quality of things is welcomed by a family like us who live in South East Asia.  Little surprises like the heated toilet seat (which we expected) but also the bathroom mirror has a heated section so it did not fog up.

 20121215 22 U-Community Hotel - Osaka - Japan Holiday

The next day, Sunday morning, the sun was out and although chilly we strolled over the Franks Patisserie for breakfast.  Was a great chance to take some photos of the area, Higashi-Osaka, before hoping in the car for our drive to Kanazawa.

DSC_5176 DSC_5179

DSC_5192 DSC_5194

Franks Patisserie for breakfast – had to eat here for my God Son.


 IMGP0398 IMGP0399

20121215 34 Around Higashi-Osaka - Japan Holiday

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  1. Mewil says:

    Japan is really awesome! Nice shots. 🙂

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